My work is an honest attempt at recording the indescribable atmosphere present in wild places at certain times of day or night, historic landscapes affected by dramatic weather and light, and the excitement in sudden encounters with Britains wildlife.

These subjects as inspiration for art work are traditional, but I believe them to be timelessly important in the experience of human consciousness. I try to renew attention to these universal experiences through the medium of watercolour, gouache, pencil crayon and air-brushed acrylic paints, employing a contemporary and graphically dramatic style.

I use detailed observational drawings to add authenticity to the final composition of each painting, but sensation and mood are of greater importance than photographic accuracy. Painting allows me to heighten colours and emphasise aspects of a scene until a picture blends reality with fantasy, in the same way that memories are both vivid and dream-like.

Studying at the Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall, I graduated with a Ba(hons) in Illustration in 2001. Since then i've exhibited and sold work in the South West of England and continue to evolve my style and technique of working in the hope of creating a single painting that I could consider both perfect and unique. (it's always the next one!)

I live in a caravan on the edge of Salisbury plain and am constantly reminded of how visually fantastic the countryside can be, at any time of day or night and through-out all the seasons. A simple and inexpensive lifestyle allows me to continue in turning this inspiration into art work.